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About Us Schlegel Electric

At Schlegel Electric We provide full service electrical work for both home and business owners in Pittsburgh and around West Pennsylvania. We specialize in a wide variety of electrical projects such as wiring replacement, safety inspections, generator sales and installation, residential and commercial repairs, and other vital services such as panel upgrades and surge protection. If you getting ready to build a brand new home or office, we can sub-contract out the electrical phase of construction. We have built a reputation in Pittsburgh as a first rate electrical company that both home and business owners can trust with all their interior or exterior electrical needs.

Complete Residential and Commercial Wiring Repair

There are several factors that can contribute to bad wiring. Wall penetration, power surges, lighting storms, or even normal use over a period of several years can wear an electrical system down. So when repairs or wiring replacement becomes necessary it's important to hire a reputable electrician who is state certified insured and has direct experience with all types of wiring systems. This is why home and business owners depend on Schlegel Electrical. We can visit you on-site, inspect the problem with your wiring and then go to work to fix the problem. We can restore your electrical system and make your home safe once again.

Make Your Home Safer With a Panel Upgrade

Of all the many parts that make up your home or office electrical system, the most vital is the main panel. Generally located in a safe and isolated area in your home, it controls where the power goes and how much power is allowed to travel through your wiring by way of circuit breakers. With this much power running through your panel, it's important that it stays in excellent condition at all times. A poor panel is dangerous, and keeps your system from operating efficiently. This causes your energy bill to increase each month. We can inspect your panel and make recommendations on what you need to do to get an upgrade.

Indoor & Outdoor Light Installation

Add a distinctive touch to your room or your landscape today with a unique lighting concept from Schlegel Electric. With lighting the possibilities are endless. it's not only a functional solution for your home design, but also offer an aesthetically pleasing addition that enhances any atmosphere. We install lighting for any occasion including security, sidewalks and walkways, and decorative lighting. You can choose from soft lighting for a more relaxed room or go with bright lighting for those work spaces or outside social gatherings. Whatever type of lighting you choose you can feel confident that Schlegel Electric can help you design the perfect lighting arrangement for your home or office.

Go With The Professionals at Schlegel Electric

At Schlegel we are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and products anywhere in West Pennsylvania. We perform every job with absolute care and precision in order to give you the results you're looking for. We work closely with each of our clients from start to finish so that there are not surprises and no hassle. Only the satisfaction of knowing that you partnered with the best in the business in order to restore or install your home's wiring. We stand behind all of our work and have decades of combined experience in all types of electrical scenarios. Next time, hire a company you can trust. Go with Schlegel Electric.

If you are looking for a Pittsburgh electrician then please call 724-590-9700 or complete our online request form.