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Commercial Electrical Services

As a business owner you deserve the best electrical service in the industry. This is why business owners in Pittsburgh depend on Schlegel Electric for all their wiring and electrical needs. We offer a wide array of services and products for all commercial properties both large and small. So whether you're a small business owners or own a multi-level highrise we offer the same high quality electrical service. Our expertise includes complete wiring installation, old electrical system removal and replacement, and code inspections in order to help you comply with state regulations. We also do brand new construction installation and work with reputable general contractors across West Pennsylvania.

New Construction

Commercial Electrical New Construction

Are you getting ready to launch a brand new construction project? Did you know that many general contractors sub-contract the electrical installation phase of construction? Our team of electricians have extensive experience with commercial construction projects. No matter how complex the floorplan is, we install all components of the network that includes panels, wiring, outlets, light switches, and so much more. You can trust Schlegel Electric to safely install a quality electrical system that follows city and state codes and lasts for several years to come. You can have your wiring custom installed to your exact specifications.Read More

Electrical Safety Inspections

As a business owners, safety is always your primary concern. You owe it to both your clients and your staff to create a hazard free environment. So if you believe that your electrical wiring may not be in good working condition, now is the time to get a safety inspections. Inspections serve several purposes. They insure that your wiring is up to code, while exposing key areas where safety may be compromise your safety. An inspection can also help you save money by showing you how your can have a more efficient system that keeps your energy bill low.

Electrical Repairs

If you discover weaknesses or damage in your wiring, contact Schlegel Electrical right away. Due to the sensitivity of electrical wiring, repairs should only be performed by a Pennsylvania certified and fully licensed electrician that has specific training and experience in commercial repairs. This insures that your wiring will be properly restored and your building will be secured once again. We understand that faulty wiring can't disrupt your business, so we offer fast service, flexible scheduling and affordable rates that stay within your budget. Contact our electricians today and let us help you fully restore your electrical system.

Lighting Concepts for Your Business

Lighting plays a vital role in your business. It serves as both a decorative feature and a necessary component of day to day operations. So whether you're looking for an interior lighting concept to highlight a certain area of your store front, or your need office lights that your staff can work under every day, we can help you design and install all types of lighting for both your interior and exterior needs. We do everything from ceiling and wall lighting to landscapes, patios, and security lighting.

Surge Protection

Keep all of your heavy duty electronics, machines, and appliances protected throughout the year with professional surge protection. Surge protection for companies reaches a whole new level that is far greater than home protection, as you have larger machines and electronics that require greater power. Don't let a lightning storm or interruption in power hurt your business equipment. Invest in commercial surge protection and give yourself peace of mind. We can custom install surge protectors that are specifically suited for your office or store.

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