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What You Should Know About Electrical Repairs

Electrical safety regulations are set forth by local and national authorities to help protect the property owner from sub-grade building materials and unacceptable workmanship practices when making certain electrical repairs and improvements. These building code standards are there to ensure the safety of occupants and the community. A house fire or electrical shock can affect anyone in the home, visiting the home, and even the neighborhood families.Read More

3 Key Things Commercial Electrical Services Can Do For Your Pittsburgh Business

Commercial electrical services can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. A qualified and experienced commercial electrician will ensure your business has what it needs to be safe and attractive. Conversely, an electrician who makes mistakes can put everything and everyone at risk. Read More

What Is An Electrical Safety Inspection and How Does it Benefit You

When it comes to electric safety inspections, most home owners rarely know what they are and what benefit they provide to you and your property. Although new homes rarely need a safety inspection as they get older inspections become increasingly more important. If you've ever wonder exactly what an electrical safety inspection is and how it directly benefits you, then read through this brief guide. if you have any further questions, please contact a licensed and certified Schlegel Electric technician today. With decades of combined electrical experience, they can answer any question. Read More

Portable Generators vs. Standby Generators Know The Difference

Whether it's a severe storm during the summer or snow piling up outside in the dead of winter, you need backup whenever the power goes out in your home. The most practical solution is a home generator. Generators can provide enough power to run anything from a toaster to an entire home. Which type of generator is best for your home is something that only you can decide. Although most generators essentially work the same, they generally fall into two categories: portable generators and standby generators. Each has their own unique set of features and benefits. Below is a short description of both. Read More

2 Types Of Wiring You Should Replace In Your Home

Electricity in the home has changed considerably over the last century. With advances in technology and the ever changing needs in electronics and appliances, upgrades to older homes is absolutely essential on every level. Research has shown that 2 types of wiring in particular are not only no longer relevant, but also pose a threat to your home's safety. The types of wiring in question are aluminum wiring and knob & tube wiring. We'll briefly describe each wiring, why they should be replaced, and a safer alternative that is more efficient. Read More

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