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What You Should Know About Electrical Repairs

Electrical Safety InspectionsElectrical safety regulations are set forth by local and national authorities to help protect the property owner from sub-grade building materials and unacceptable workmanship practices when making certain electrical repairs and improvements. These building code standards are there to ensure the safety of occupants and the community. A house fire or electrical shock can affect anyone in the home, visiting the home, and even the neighborhood families.

This is why it is so vital to hire a licensed electrician for all your electrical repairs in Pittsburgh. You or a previous owner may have already had work done on the wiring, lighting, or other electrical systems which were not up to code. It is not uncommon for there to have been remodeling or repairs done which are not reliably safe.

Electrical Repair – Permitting & Inspections

In many cases, but not all, citizens are required to obtain a permit for the work to be done. Once the work is complete, an inspector hired by the city will inspect the materials and the workmanship to ensure the repair or improvement meets or exceeds the standards required. The project will either pass the initial inspection or if it fails, it will need to be corrected until it does.

What you should know is that it is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure the work is permitted and passes inspection. If your electrician or other contractor doesn't bother with permits, the homeowner should contact the city to ensure one is not required. If it is required, the homeowner will need to file for the permit. When you hire an electrician, make sure they know the local and national electrical safety codes and will ensure the work is done according to code.

In general, this system of codes, permitting, and inspections are good for the community because they benefit not only the residents and neighbors, but the entire community by ensuring a standard in met by local builders and other contractors. This system also serves to protect the shared systems of the community, such as our electrical grid and public sewer and water services.

Quality and Reliable Electrical Repairs

This system of rules and permitting helps you as a homeowner when you have electrical, plumbing, or any other type of repair needed for your home, and it's vital when you have electrical problems. After all, you don't want someone doing work who doesn't know what they're doing or who is too selfish to care about your safety and about how they do their work.

When it comes to electrical repairs, wiring, connections, outlets, electrical panels, and other electrical components, there's a right way and a wrong way to do the job. You'll want a Pittsburgh electrician that has the experience and qualifications to handle your electrical problems the right way. And if the contractor you are thinking about hiring doesn't bother with permitting, you've a good idea from the beginning that they don't want to be bothered about the quality of their work.

However, many licensed electricians file for the permits and handle passing the inspections for their customers instead. This experienced contractor knows how important it is to do repairs the right way, both to protect their customers and help the community. This is just part of the good service they offer to their customers to ensure the project goes smoothly and efficiently as well.

Where To Find Reliable Electrical Repairs In Pittsburgh

At Schlegel Electric, we care about our community and our customers, and have done so for over 40 years. When you work with us, you'll never have to question whether or not our workmanship and electrical materials are substandard or unacceptable. In fact, we also are able to provide you with Electrical Safety Inspections that can assist you if you have electrical problems in your home.

Whether you've had someone make a repair and you question the work or you believe there is an issue that needs investigation and possible repair, or you would like to add on new wiring systems or replace yours, our professional electricians are reliable and highly skilled expert electricians. When you need help with electrical problems, call Schlegel Electric because we do it right the first time!

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