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Aluminum Wiring Replacement Electrician Pittsburgh

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

If you are experiencing flickering lights, warm cover plates on switches and outlets, or smell burning insulation, then your home may be suffering from aluminum wiring. Although there is much debate about the negative effects of aluminum wiring, it research has definitely shown that of all the types of wiring in the industry today, aluminum wiring is the most dangerous and one of the least efficient. So if you discover that your home has wiring that is either partial or full aluminum, you may want to get an inspection in order to determine a better solution for your electrical system.

What Are The Main Issues with Aluminum Wiring?

When homeowners are confronted with the realities of aluminum wiring, the natural tendency is to ask about specific issues surrounding aluminum wiring. Although there are several problems with aluminum, it can be narrowed to three main issues. The first is the softness of the material. This makes it extremely easy to damage during installation, re-routing, or simply moving. Second, was loose connections and overheating at the terminal screws due to expansion and contraction of the aluminum wiring while in use. And, third, was that aluminum rusts which inhibits its ability to conduct electrical flow. All of these problems create both an inefficient and dangerous environment in your home. Our Pittsburgh Electrician team is well-experienced in solving the aluminum wiring problems you are having.

How Easy Is It To Replace Copper Wiring?

In the early days of electrical work re-wiring a home generally meant tearing out walls and invasive methods to your floors and ceiling in order to get the job done. This left you with a huge mess. With today's advanced technology and methods, however, re-wiring a home can easily be accomplished with little to no damage to your walls, ceiling, or floors. Our re-wiring service includes a non-invasive inspection in order to determine where the aluminum wiring is located and how best to remove it. Our entire service is fast and simple and very affordable. You can schedule an on-site assessment to determine how we can help you with your aluminum wiring.

What Are The Options?

Not every home in Pittsburgh is the same. Fortunately, we offer a service that is flexible and can be custom suited to personal needs. With that in mind there are up to date options for re-wiring your home. The key concepts to remember are both safety and efficiency throughout your home, so consider those two things when looking at options for replacing the aluminum wiring. Consult with your Schlegel Electric technician about what type and gauge of should be used in your home.

Get A Safety Inspection for Your Pittsburgh Home

If you're unsure about the condition of your aluminum wiring then you can start by getting a thorough inspection of your entire electrical system. We offer a comprehensive assessment that identifies key areas throughout your interior and around the outside of your property where fires, power surges, and other hazards can occur. An inspection will give you a clear indication of whether you need a total system replacement. Routine safety inspections also benefit you in other ways such as keeping your insurance rates low and keeping your property value high!

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