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Electrical Repairs Electrician Pittsburgh

Electrical Repairs

Repairs and maintenance are a natural part of owning a home. So when you need electrical repairs, contact the professional Pittsburgh Electricians at Schlegel Electric. We specialize in residential repairs for electrical wiring, ceiling fans, lighting, outlets and GFCI electrical outlets. We also provide full inspections and troubleshooting in order to identify problems with your electrical systems. We are Pennsylvania licensed and certified in all areas of electrical work and can repair any type of system in your home. Contact us today and let us help you with your electrical issues.

Ceiling Fan Repairs

You use your ceiling fan every day. So when it breaks down you need an electrician you can depend on for fast repairs. We repair all types and brands of ceiling fans. We can provide a full range of services that includes everything from fan cleaning all the way to part repairs and part replacement. Most jobs can be completed within an hour or two. You get fast service, dependable work, and affordable rates that stay within your budget. When the job is done your ceiling fan will be fully restored back to new and working once again!

Whether it's hot or cold outside you depend on your ceiling fans on a daily basis. So when it's time to get your ceiling fans repaired, call on the professionals at Schlegel Electric. We provide complete service on all types of ceiling fans for both residential and commercial properties across Pittsburgh and West Pennsylvania. We repair and replace all brand names from all manufacturers. With Schlegel Electric you can count on fast, friendly service and work you can depend on. Our rates are affordable for both home and business owners and stay within your budget. When the job is done your ceiling fan will be running like new once again.

Get Your Ceiling Fans Inspected

One of the most effective ways to avoid costly repairs is to have your fans routinely inspected. We perform thorough inspections of all the components of your fan in order to determine if any repairs need to be done. An inspection will identify any parts that need to be replaced. It will also reveal if your ceiling fans need to be cleaned. At Schlegel Electric all of our inspections are honest and accurate. We only restore what needs to be repaired and never overcharge you for any service we provide.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Why try to change your old ceiling fan yourself when you get help from professionals who can provide superior service with the results you're looking for? Our team of electricians at Schlegel Electric can handle any ceiling fan replacement no matter how easy or complicated. Contact us today for an on-site evaluation of your home or business interior in order to determine your specific needs. We'll sit down with you, help you discover all the options available to you, and help you pick out the right ceiling fan for you. We can custom install your new ceiling fan according to your exact specifications. So whether you're looking for a small basic unit or a large commercial ceiling fan with multiple features, we can get the job done.

We Offer Routine Ceiling Fan Maintenance

The key to giving your ceiling fans long life is regular care and maintenance. We offer complete maintenance that covers every component of your ceiling fan both inside and out. This includes inspecting the motor, lubrication of all moving parts, tightening all connections, assessing all the wiring to make sure it's in good condition, and, of course, checking the blades themselves. We replace or fix any damaged parts, and give your ceiling fan a full cleaning. We also give you recommendations on how to get the most out of your ceiling fan in order to insure that it is running efficiently.

Go With The Professionals

Half the battle of getting your ceiling fan repaired is finding a reputable electrician who can provide you with quality customer service while giving you the results you deserve as a client. Our entire team of electricians and technicians are Pennsylvania certified, licensed and insured. The guarantees that we'll do the job right the first time without any of the hassle to you. We are dedicated to providing you with ceiling fan repair and products that are safe, efficient, and affordable. Call us today and let us help you with all your ceiling fan needs.


Trying to locate and identify problems in your home's wiring can be a difficult task. If you have no experience with electrical wiring, it can also be a dangerous one. The best option is to hire a certified professional who can do the job right right and save you the hassle. Using the most advanced technology in the industry today, we can identify any damaged or worn out wiring anywhere in your home, and then take the necessary steps to restore your electrical system back to working like new. Don't take chances with an amateur when you can hire a professional. Let us help you find the weaknesses in your home's electricity.

We Troubleshoot All Wiring Systems

Believe it or not, not all electrical systems are the same. Over the last century electrical wiring and components have changed dramatically. So when you are ready to have your site inspected, you can feel confident that no matter what type of system you have, we have the training and the expertise to assess your system’s equipment. We do work on all systems new and old such as aluminum, copper wiring, knob & tube, and so much more. Whether your house recently been built or it’s over 5 decades old, we can easily identify weaknesses in the wiring and go to work to fix the problem in no time at all. Contact us today and let us evaluate your new or old wiring system.

Troubleshooting For Your Business

As a business owner in Pittsburgh, you can’t afford for your electrical system to go out and disrupt both your clients and your staff. You need an electrical contractor that you can depend on to provide efficient service, dependable work, and affordable rates that stay within your budget. At Schlegel we are business owners. So we understand the needs of a business owners across West Pennsylvania. Therefore, we offer flexible scheduling and non-intrusive work, so that we can fix the problems without getting in the way of your daily routine. We work with businesses both small and large and have helped hundreds of business owners across Pittsburgh.

Complete Troubleshooting From Start to Finish

When hiring a professional to troubleshoot your electrical wiring, you look for key qualities such as accuracy and thoroughness. After all, a mis diagnosis can be both costly and dangerous. Our Schlegel electricians have been thoroughly trained in every component and part of a home or business electrical system. We inspect all items such as the wiring, outlets, switches, all connections, panels and every thing else. We’re not done until the inspection is complete and accurate. We always know what to look for, and can provide you with the answers that you need. You never have to worry about if the inspection or the work done on your system is done correctly. We are committed to your satisfaction.

Why You Should A Professional To Do Inspections

As a homeowner it’s always tempting to do a DIY project on your own. With electrical, however, there are several reasons why hiring a professional to perform troubleshooting is a smarter decision. The number one reason is safety. A trained professional knows what issues can cause a dangerous environment in your home. Another reason is insurance. If a homeowner makes a mistake with wiring and disaster follows, then insurance companies may not cover the damages. Only a certified professional can comply with insurance policy agreements. And, last, every homeowner has to stay within city, state, and national codes for residential electrical wiring. Professionals have been trained on all updated codes.

Lighting Repairs

Even the most advanced lighting systems need repairs from time to time. Light bulbs simply burn out and wiring and cables can go bad. Lighting in many homes can be difficult to reach and many problems are hard to solve. The technicians at Schlegel install and design hundreds of lights each year, so we know the inner workings of a light system. If you're having problems with your lights, we can fix them. We can run tests on your lighting equipment to find the issues and then repair them in a manner that is efficient and dependable. From standard to light switches all the way to intricate landscape lighting designs we do it all.

When problems arise in your home it’s not always easy to know exactly what’s going wrong. Without the proper training or proper equipment, troubleshooting wiring issues are almost impossible to identify. So when you are experiencing wiring problems in your home, call the professionals at Schlegel Electric. We specialize in wiring repairs, replacement, new installation, and troubleshooting. We utilize the most advanced equipment in the industry in order to accurately locate any damaged or faulty wiring and then give you the solutions on how to fix it. Our entire team of technicians are Pennsylvania certified and insured in order to guarantee quality work and precision every time.

You depend on the lighting in your home every day. Whether it’s a decorative features in your living room, or security lighting in the backyard, lighting is an essential part of your daily routine. If you are experiencing problems with your lighting, then call Schlegel Electric. We are West Pennsylvania’s most trusted electricians. With several decades of combined electrical experience our technicians can handle even the most complex lighting systems. When you call us, we’ll send out a technician for an on site inspection, diagnose the problem and then give you practical solutions for restoring your lights back to new.

We Repair All Types of Lighting Systems

With all the different types of lighting in your home, it can be difficult to find an electrician to work on your particular lights. At Schlegel Electric, our electricians are trained and Pennsylvania certified to work on all type of lighting both old and new. So whether you have a small problem like changing out a light switch or need an entire system replaced, we can do the job in a manner that is efficient and reliable. We do track lighting, security lighting, LED lighting, landscapes, sidewalks, and so much more. Contact us today and let us perform an assessment of your lights in order to determine how best to fix your lights.

Light Repair For Your Pittsburgh Business

When it comes to commercial repair, you only want a qualified specialist handling your properties lighting. Commercial lighting often require far more knowledge and experience than residential lighting. We work with businesses across West Pennsylvania in order to help them repair their lighting systems. We can do everything from major office lighting, to storefront decorative lighting, security lighting, and even repairs for larger properties such as warehouses, department stores, and factories. We offer routine maintenance on all commercial lighting that includes changing out bulbs, cleaning your lights, and replacing and repairing all components on a regular basis.

Get Your Lights Inspected Today

Many times both home and business owners either don’t have the time or the knowledge in order to fix the lighting either on the inside or outside of their property. So inspections are rarely done right and the key issues aren’t solved. With a proper inspection we can help you identify the problems in your lighting and then go to work to fix them right away. Our inspections are thorough, accurate, and can usually be performed quickly in order to save you time and money.

Why You Should Choose Schlegel Electric

At Schlegel Electric we are committed to helping our clients create a safe and hassle free environment in the homes and businesses. We work closely with each customer throughout every phase of repair so that there is no guesswork and no surprises. This insures your absolute satisfaction knowing that the job is done right every time. Our rates are competitive and stay well within your budget, and we never overcharge for any work done. We offer an efficient service that gets us in and out, and gets you back to regular routine. Don’t settle for less than the best in Pittsburgh. Call Schlegel Electric today.

Outlet Repairs

Faulty outlets are not only an inconvenience. They're highly dangerous. If you have a family with small children, then getting the outlets fix is extremely important. Most outlets become damaged as a result of bad wiring which can lead to fires or electrocution. It can also cause overload and blow out your appliances or electronics. All of these issues can be solved with a quick inspection followed by repairs. In some cases you may need to have your old outlets replaced by modern, safer, more efficient outlets. Don't let a bad outlet turn into a disaster for you or your family. We can repair and replace all damaged outlets in your home.

At Schlegel Electric we specialize in comprehensive electrical repair for all your components in your wiring. So if you have recently suffered from failures in your outlets we can help you out by repairing or replacing any type of outlet for your interior. Our service extends to both residential and commercial properties no matter how small or large. Put our Pennsylvania certified technicians to the test and let us help you with any outlet problems that you may be having. We offer a point by point inspection of all your outlets and then provide you with practical solutions for fully restoring electrical system back to new.

We Restore All Outlet Types

Not all outlets are the same. You, therefore, need a company that can provide the kind of flexibility needed in order to tackle any situation with any type of outlet. We do everything from standard three prong outlets, special outlets for larger appliances such as dishwashers and electric dryers, and GFCI outlets which are normally found in kitchens and bathrooms. No matter what type of outlet you are using for your home or business interior, we have the skill and the knowledge to perform routine repairs or fully replace your old outlets.

Brand New Outlet Replacement

Although in many cases your old outlets can be repaired, this may be the perfect time for you to consider an outlet replacement. Brand new outlets are a cost-effective solutions to outlet repair. They create a safer environment inside your home or business, and you’ll also find that they handle electrical current far more efficiently than the older models. Modern outlets have great features and accessories that work well in any room. They can handle power that is needed for any major appliance or electronics, and they’re quick and easy to install. Before you go trying to fix that old outlet, install a brand new outlet from Schlegel Electric. You’ll be glad you did!

GFCI Outlet Repair and Replacement

The most hazardous areas in your home are areas where water is present. Such rooms include the bathroom, utility room, basement, and the kitchen. GFCI outlets were designed in order to cut off electric flow in the event that water electrocution could happen. A greater chance of water shock can happen if your GFCI outlet is damaged or worn. In many cases the shut off part of a GFCI outlet can be damaged without any warning or indication. So if you’ve had GFCI outlets in your home for a few years, it’s a good idea to have them inspected, repaired, and updated. Call a Schlegel Electric contractor to visit your home or office today to service your GFCI outlets.

Why You Should Hire A Certified Electrician

At Schlegel Electric we take pride in hiring only certified, licensed electricians who are highly trained and skilled in all areas of residential and commercial wiring, electrical systems, and outlet repair. By hiring a Pennsylvania certified electrician, you can feel confident knowing that every job will be performed in a manner that is efficient, safe, and cost effective. We insure that all finished work is meets city, state, and national codes, and stays within the requirements of your home owners insurance. Don’t take chances with a DIY project or hiring an amateur. Instead, call the team at Schlegel Electric. We are Pittsburgh’s #1 resource for all electrical and outlet repairs.

GFCI Electrical Outlets

A GFCI - or ground fault circuit interrupter is an outlet that is designed to eliminate the potential for electric shock. GFCI outlets are now standard in most new homes. They can generally be found in areas where water is present such as the bathroom or kitchen. GFCI outlets work by shutting off when the potential for shock is detected. There are numerous scenarios in which a GFCI can help you avoid disaster. If you do not have GFCI outlets in water areas around your home. We can install these lifesaving devices and help you create a safer environment in your home.

For a truly rewarding experience with your wiring repairs, contact Schlegel Electric. We are West Pennsylvania’s most trusted electrical contractors. With several decades of combined industry experience, we can fix all types of wiring and outlets no matter how small or large the repair is. Our service extends to both residential and commercial properties across West Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves in delivering fast service, affordable rates, and high quality work that you can depend on every time. We insure that each of our clients are completely satisfied with no hassles or headaches. Next time you need repairs, hire the team at Schlegel Electric. You’ll Be glad you did.

What is a GFCI Outlet?

Although many home or business owners may have GFCI outlets in their homes, they may not recognize them or even know what they do or how they work. A ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI outlets (also known as receptacle) is a special type of outlet generally found in areas where water is often present and used on a regular basis. Such common areas include bathrooms, basements, utility rooms, or kitchens. You can recognize a GFCI outlet by it’s red and black buttons which are used to reset or test the outlet in order to make sure it’s working properly. GFCI outlets have become standard in all modern home construction.

How Does a GFCI Outlet Work?

A GFCI outlet works by monitoring the current running from the wall into any electronic device such a hair dryer or a toaster. If the current flowing to the electronic device is not even with the current returning from the device, then the current is leaking or moving toward a dangerous area such as water. The GFCI outlet automatically cuts off the current and avoids possible disaster. This reduces or eliminates that possibility of electrocution by water. In order to re-engage the outlet, you’ll simply push the restart button which is generally the red button. Keep in mind, however, pushing the reset button will only work if the danger of electric shock has been removed.

Complete GFCI Outlet Repair

Your GFCI outlets can break down in one of two ways. They can either stop working through damage, overheating, or other problems, or the cutoff will simply stop working. In either case, you now have a safety issue that has to be corrected. We offer complete GFCI service that includes thorough and accurate inspections and full repair. In some case it may be a smarter decision to have your outlet replaced with a brand new outlet. With total repair from Schlegel Electric, you can feel confident that your GFCI outlet will be fully restored back to it’s new condition and that any room in your home or business will be safer once the job is done.

Certified and Licensed GFCI Outlet Technicians

One of the biggest mistakes that home or business owners make is attempting to fix their outlets themselves or hire an amateur to come in an do the job. There are several reasons why hiring a certified electrician from Schlegel Electric is a wiser choice. Our team of contractors have extensive experience and training specifically in GFCI outlets. Since we are state certified, this means we know all the city, state, and national codes regarding outlet installation, repair, and upgrades. Having a licensed professional to do the work also keeps your insurance rates low and gives you proper coverage in the event of a fire or other disaster. Don’t settle for less than the best for your home. Hire Schlegel Electric today!

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