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When it comes to lighting for your home or business, look no further than Schlegel Electric. We offer a wide array of services that take care of all your lighting needs. From repairs and full replacement to brand new installation and design concepts we do it all. With Schlegel Electric there is no hassle and no guesswork. You get the benefit of efficient, dependable service from highly trained, knowledgeable technicians who have decades of combined industry experience. We can help you turn all your ideas for lighting decor into a reality overnight. Contact us today and let our Pittsburgh Electricians help you with your next lighting project.

Lighting Installation

Installing lights in your home or office is more than just putting up a string of lights around the room. It requires careful strategy, design, and planning in order to create the perfect environment for everyone inside. When you call a Schlegel Electric technician, we'll sit down with you and help you put together your lighting design piece by piece so that you have a good idea of what your room will look like before we ever install the first light. We use only the highest quality products in the industry in order to guarantee that you get the results you're looking for.

At Schlegel Electric we specialize in lighting installation for all homes and businesses in Pittsburgh and the surrounding West Pennsylvania area. We offer a wide variety of lighting solutions that are perfect for any room interior or landscape anywhere around your property. Our team of Pennsylvania certified technicians are highly trained in all areas of residential and commercial lighting including decorative lighting, security lighting, office lighting, and so much more. No matter how small or large the job is, we can handle it. Call us today and let us help you launch your next lighting installation project.

Innovative Lighting Design Concepts

Since lighting is an essential feature n helping you create a certain look and feel anywhere on your property, it's important that you have a good game plan going into the project. Once you have an idea of the direction you want to go in, we can sit down with you and help you work out the details of your design. So whether you are looking to add track lighting to your living room, or want to enhance a feature in your landscape, we can guide through the entire project step by step in order to insure that you get the results you 're looking for. With Schlegel Electric, you can feel confident that the job will be done right every time.

Landscape Lighting

Do you have several features throughout your landscape? Why not highlight them at night for all your guests or family to enjoy throughout the year? With landscape lighting you have unlimited possibilities for decorating your yard and creating a unique atmosphere that is all your own. We do it all from ponds and greenery to statues, walkways, sidewalks, poolside lighting, and patio and deck designs. Landscape lighting gives you the opportunity to enjoy your backyard anytime day or night. Call us today, give us your vision for your landscape, and then let us go to work to help you install your landscape lighting.

Commercial Lighting For Your Pittsburgh Business

We offer the same quality lighting installation service for businesses across West Pennsylvania as we do for residential properties. As business owners ourselves, we completely understand the needs of a business owners and how lighting could affect your business in a positive way. We can install different types of lighting that ranges from decorative lighting and landscape concepts all the way to functional office lighting for your employees and even security lighting that provides ultimate protection for your business both inside out. We can provide fast service, reliable work and deadlines, and affordable rates that stay well within your budget.

Landscape Lighting

Nothing accents your backyard landscape quite like lighting. With landscape lighting the possibilities are endless. You can choose lighting products that highlight all your lawn features such as ponds, greenery, statues, pools or patios. Each installation is carefully designed to perfectly match your landscape and give you entire front or backyard the perfect touch every time. We provide the right type of lighting from bright LED's to soft lighting to create the perfect mood. Our installation is quick, easy, and affordable. Next time you want your lighting done right, go with Schlegel Electric.

Nothing helps your landscape stand out quite like decorative lighting. With landscape lighting you can choose from a endless variety of options that are perfect for your home or business. At Schlegel Electric we offer complete landscape lighting installation service that helps you through every phase of your project from start to finish. You'll enjoy our fast friendly service, our dependable, hassle-free work, and our competitive rates. We only use products of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers in order to give you the results that you're looking for. Contact a Schlegel Electric technician today, and let us help you launch your next lighting installation project.

Enhance Your Landscape with Brand New Lighting

One of the benefits of lighting is that you can put your creativity to the test in order to come up with a completely unique design that truly accents every feature of your landscape. So whether you're looking to highlight your newly installed pond, light up your greenery, or provide safety lighting for your backyard pool, we can help you come up with the right lighting every time. No matter how simple or complex your ideas we can deliver a lighting product that you'll be happy with. There are dozens of features and accessories for modern landscape lighting include fully programmable panels and remote controls.

Commercial Landscape Lighting

Do you own a business in West Pennsylvania? One of the best ways to attract new clients at night is to provide landscape lighting around the outside of your property. Landscape lighting gives your a business a professional edge and lets people driving by know that your business is either open or exists. It gives your front lawn a unique appeal and helps to separate your business from all the others. We work with business owners all across Pittsburgh in order help them design contemporary landscape lighting that reflects their business image. Let us help your business stand out today!

Take Advantage of Low Voltage Lighting

If you don't about low voltage lighting, then now is the time to explore all the advantages that low voltage lighting concepts have to offer. The main benefit of low voltage lighting is that its low voltage allows the filament of the light bulb to be smaller, and this allows home and business owners to install lighting in smaller areas. A good example of this in around plants on either side of a walkway or sidewalk. This way you still get a safe walking area without having to use big lights that can often be more of a distraction than an accent. Low voltage lighting can produce the same amount of lighting, and yet be tastefully installed as a great feature to any smaller area.

Security Lighting Options

One of the great side benefits of landscape lighting is that it also provides a great option for security around your home. If you have darker areas that you want be exposed, we can install security lighting specifically for that purpose. With security lighting you can get the best of both worlds that includes both function and aesthetics. Contact us today and let us help you find the right security solutions for your home or business.

Security Lighting

When it comes to safety of your family or your business, you want nothing less than the best security lighting in the industry to protect everything and everyone inside your property. We offer a wide range of security lighting options that are custom designed to suit your personal needs. You can get security lighting that reach a large area with bright lights or a smaller targeted area like a doorway or windows. Our security lighting can installed up high with protective shield features so that the lights can't be blown out. Discover for yourself all the options available to you from Schlegel Electric.

Both home and business owners across Pittsburgh and the surrounding West Pennsylvania area understand the value of security lighting. When living in a large metropolitan area, concern for break-ins, vandalism and theft is real. At Schlegel Electric we work with hundreds of home and business owners across Pittsburgh in order to develop security lighting solutions that work for each client's personal situation. Whether you are looking to light up a large area or are need a focused target such as a door or window, we can help you with all your security lighting needs. We are dedicate to providing you with the highest quality security lighting anywhere in the industry. Contact Schlegel Electric today and let's get your security lighting installed!

Security Lighting Options For You

One of the greatest benefits of security lighting is that it can be completely customized to suit any need in any scenario. So regardless of what you need your security lighting for you can get it. Today's modern products come with all kinds of features and accessories that make it easier to install and use security lighting anywhere on your property. Do you need a fully programmable lighting system that focuses on different rooms or outside areas throughout the day? No problem! We install the most advanced equipment in the market. Let us sit down with you and help you plot out your next security lighting system.

Residential Security Installation

If you are a homeowner who lives in an area of town that is not well lit, you could be rendering yourself vulnerable to a home invasion at any time. Although security lighting does not totally eliminate crime, it does reduce it considerably. A criminal who thinks they may be on camera in a well lit area will think twice before breaking into a home. We can install lighting that completely surrounds your entire property or targets key areas like front or back doors, windows, or garages. We also offer security lighting inside your home as well as outside your home. You get full protection where you need it the most.

Commercial Security Lighting For Your Pittsburgh Business

Theft and vandalism are not just an inconvenience to your business. They can ruin your daily operations, or even worse - they can ruin your business reputation as being a secure and safe place for customers to spend their time. You can greatly reduce or eliminate criminal activity around your business by getting commercial grade security lighting. Businesses may have additional security needs that many homeowners do not have. At Schlegel Electric our technicians can accommodate any business need you have and help you design a fully functional security lighting system that addresses your specific needs. Reduce your anxiety about security by adding a security lighting system to your Pittsburgh business.

Your Pittsburgh Certified Lighting Professionals

At Schlegel Electric we are committed to providing you with a safe and secure property by installing the best security lighting system anywhere in Pittsburgh. We understand that you value not only your property, but your personal safety and the safety of others. We work hard to earn your business and your trust. Put our team to the test and let us show you why choosing our company what the smart choice for your home or business. We offer fast, efficient service, reliable work, and affordable rates that stay within your budget. Discover for yourself why we are West Pennsylvania's preferred security lighting contractor.

Low Voltage Lighting

If you're concerned about your next lighting installation running up your energy bill each month, then low voltage lighting is the perfect option for you. Low voltage lighting can give you the lighted area you need but in a more efficient manner. There are numerous types of lighting to chooser from. Low voltage lighting is perfect for sidewalks, walkways, patios, and other smaller Residential Electrical areas that do not require wide and extended illumination.

One of the most unique lighting solutions on the market today is low voltage lighting. This remarkable revolutionary product has helped both home and business owners create great lighting concepts while experiencing all the advantages and benefits that low voltage lighting has to offer. If you're unfamiliar with low voltage lighting, then contact a Schlegel Electric technician today and let us sit down with you and help you discover how low voltage lighting can help you with your lighting needs. We offer full lighting installation, repair, and ongoing maintenance for all your low voltage lighting systems.

Low Voltage Lighting Explained

There are essentially two types of lighting that is used for decor or security: line voltage lighting and low voltage lighting. Line voltage runs on the line voltage that is supplied from the property without the need for a transformer. This usually requires around 120 volts. some examples of this type of voltage is lights used in table lamps, ceiling fans, or chandeliers where several lights are used to create a well-lit area. Low voltage lighting utilizes a transmitter which reduces the voltage from 120 volts to 12 volts. For instance, some recessed lighting, sidewalk lighting or outside porch lighting is low voltage.

Benefits of Low Voltage Lighting

Our clients often ask us why they should choose low voltage lighting over other types of lighting products. One of the biggest advantages that low voltage lighting has over other types of lighting is that it is far more energy efficiently. For instance, low voltage lighting can use up to 80'% less energy than incandescent lighting which is commonly used. It also creates far less heat than halogen bulbs. This can create a more comfortable environment inside or around porch areas. Since it requires less energy and distributes less heat, low voltage lighting can last up to 50 times longer than it's competitors. These are just a few of the many benefits of this type of lighting for your home or business.

Decorative Features of Low Voltage Lighting

One of the key features of low voltage lighting that home and business owners appreciate are the wide variety of bulbs that can be used for decorative purpose. Low voltage lighting can come in the form of soft bulbs, bright LED's and everything in between. Since low voltage lighting uses smaller filament bulbs in order to light up targeted areas they're great for landscapes or walkways where lighting is needed, but you don't want the fixtures to overshadow the greenery or other landscape features you're trying to highlight. You can use smaller fixtures and still accomplish the goal.

From Design To Installation

When you hire a Schlegel technician to help you with your low voltage lighting solutions, you get the advantage of using a company that can help you with your project from start to finish. We begin by sitting down with you and helping you plot your lighting design until you have a completed concept of what you want. We then deliver all goods right to your doorstep and then install you lights to your exact specifications. When the job is done you get the results that you're looking for. Accent your yard, patio, or home and business interior with low voltage lighting today. You'll be glad you did!

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